the mom who sent her child to school with a smartie sandwich

It sounds unbelievable but actually happened:

A mother sent her child to school with a sandwich filled with just smarties. This has caused somewhat of a media storm and prompted calls for a diet overhaul at the Lincolnshire school.

Health workers at NHS Lincolnshire went in to assess what pupils were eating for lunch and found a wealth of youngsters eating crisps, sweets and chocolate.

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Primark forced into out-of-court settlement

Primark is usually a cheap and convenient choice for many women. Another big plus are the designs, which are sometimes inspired by pretty damn expensive designer clothing. Now, Primark got in trouble just for doing that..

The budget fashion giant has just been forced to make another expensive out-of-court settlement over copying designs – this time with British textiles company Ashley Wilde Boulevard.
The £85,000 settlement follows a similar settlement with Superdry last year, and with Monsoon in 2004.
Primark admitted copying designs by the Hertfordshire-based furnishings company including lamp shades and duvets.

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