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Breastfeeding Helps Boost IQ

There was a report a while ago claiming that breastfeeding could improve the child’s immune system. Now more evidence is being put forward that breastfeeding could help babies become more intelligent than those fed with formula. I think breastfeeding is a growing trend anyway. So there you have it, breastfeed your kids if you can.

A Blood Test For Breast Cancer

I’ve previously read about it in the news and according to the Daily Mail, a blood test for breast cancer could be available within months. I think this is great news. This means that doctors could pick up signs of breast cancer up to four years before it could actually be detected on a mammogram […]

Freezing Eggs Inbetween Meetings

Technorati Tags: family,planning,career,prospects,women,freeze eggs,motherhood,hectic,lifestyle Lots women are turning to successful careers and making lots of money. Nothing new there. Not even motherhood gets in the way anymore cause luckily business women can freeze their eggs until they have found prince charming (or some guy with a + 7 figure bank account) will come along to […]

Fake Pregnancy Bumps Made Of Tin [18th Century Trend]

Did you know that apparently was a “trend” in the 18th century England, which involved tin pinafores. The women would wear fake pregnancy bumps made of tin strapped to their bellies. Archenholtz says: ‘This was the most senseless invention, against all decency and delicacy, and disfiguring the female body; it caused a deformity which is […]