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University of Bedfordshire Clearing

Exciting news for anyone interested in the Bedfordshire University. The uni will be recruiting new students, starting on the 14th of August. The University of Bedfordshire – Clearing 2008 is a great chance to get into one of the amazing courses such as the BA Hons English Studies. Bedfordshire has an excellent reputation for it’s […]

Ramsay: Buckingham Palace Food is sh*t

There you have it. I like Gordon Ramsay. Although I’m not always keen on the recipes, his tv shows are quite entertaining. Gordon Ramsay is known for his foul language and has now said the food at Buckingham palace tasted like shit. ‘You don’t actually get to know who’s cooking for the Queen – but […]

From t-shirts to postcards – Vistaprint has it all

Vistaprint is a great site for customised business cards, calendars or t shirt printing. I’m sure there’s loads of places online where you can get similar items including free business cards but Vistaprint offers a big variety of different items for everyone and every occasion. Aside from the amazing free business cards I have set […]

Federal Building Kicks Out Woman Who Wore “Offensive” T-Shirt

I don’t personally have a strong opinion on t-shirts with slogans or messages of any kind. I think there’s plenty of aweful ones out there and also lots of witty ones. Sometimes though, these very t-shirts can get you into trouble: Lapriss Gilbert was forced to leave a Social Security office because she was wearing […]