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Oregan Coast Vacations

Whenever you’re looking to get away for a holiday, people usually dream of visiting distant places and tropic sceneries. If you’re living in the US, you should consider some rather lovely spots within the States. Like Oregon. After looking at Oregon Coast Vacation Rentals I must say I’m pretty impressed with the area. It certainly […]

Skybridge In Malaysia

First word that came into my mind when I looked at this bridge was coooool and scary! The Skybridge in Langkawi, Malaysia, is held up by  one thin support column set at an angle! Even though I love looking at these kind of things, I would never get on it. It looks amazing but I’m […]

Educational Travel

Travelling is so much fun. It doesn’t really matter where I go, I’d usually want to take something back home with me… a bit of knowledge about the country. Educational travelling is pretty exciting when you’re a student. It’s certainly an awesome part of your life you should fill with experiences, all over the globe. […]

Exploring Holiday Destinations

If you’re going for a holiday, it’s usually good to take your car. With the most popular destinations being a flight away, this isn’t always an option though. I like the idea of renting a car and exploring a great holiday destination. I really wouldn’t want to rely on the public transport in a different […]