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How safe is laser eye surgery?

Like any surgery, laser eye surgery carries some risks for the patient. Most surgeons who specialize in laser eye surgery claim that while not every patient experiences corrected vision, the risks of serious complications are low. Though this may be true, there are some complications that may warrant more concern.

8 year old heavyweight to stay with family

British social workers decided today to allow an eight-year-old boy who weighs almost 90kg to remain at home with his mother, who has refused to stop feeding him junk food. Connor McCreaddie’s mother says her 14-stone, 89kg son will not eat healthy food like fruits and vegetables and had rejected a suggestion that she put […]

Michael Jackson converting to Islam?

Pop star Michael Jackson may have found a new religion, after brother Jermaine said it is likely that the 48-year-old former king of pop will convert to Islam. Jermaine said: “I think it is most probable that Michael will convert to Islam.” The Celebrity Big Brother star continued : “When I came back from Mecca […]

“Green” Pc

PC world, a high street computer chain, is aiming to build the world’s most eco-friendly PC. The energy efficient machine will be made from recycled and recyclable materials where possible. PC World will also pay for tree planting and other conservation projects to offset the impact of carbon emissions generated during manufacturing. The new `carbon […]