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Proposal 2.0, Will You Marry Me On Twitter

Technorati Tags: twitter,marriage,proposal,web 2.0,internet,love,romance I think it was just a matter of time until someone did say… well this turned out to be on the safe side. A web designer from San Francisco used the microblogging service Twitter to propose to his girlfriend… Awwww. Max Kiesler’s sweet tweet at 3:13 a.m. Thursday: “To @emilychang – […]


I you loooooooots you know… I didn’t want to start off with roses are red & violets are blue again…so i leave out the poem bit and just get to the point, i can be such an annoying, stupid, filthy, disgusting, weird, moody ect. ect b..person BUT no matter how weird my mind gets sometimes…I […]

Proposing In A Hot Air Balloon

Technorati tags: charlestrippy, youtube, proposing, in, hot, air, balloon, wedding, girl, sexy, romantic, mountains, colorado, reality, show, blonde I thought I should post this since this isn’t something you would see everyday: The idea isn’t really all that original but hey, who said romance was dead? Some guy proposed to his girlfriend in a hot […]

Looking For Love At The Airport

Technorati tags: love, airports, singles, romance, internet romance, relationships, dating, onling dating, social network New hotspot for singles: the airport! We all know that some singles will go to great lengths to meet other singles, hoping to finally hit it rich. You’d assume that typical places these people go to are clubs, bars, cafes ect… […]