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Primark forced into out-of-court settlement

Primark is usually a cheap and convenient choice for many women. Another big plus are the designs, which are sometimes inspired by pretty damn expensive designer clothing. Now, Primark got in trouble just for doing that.. The budget fashion giant has just been forced to make another expensive out-of-court settlement over copying designs – this […]

World’s Cheapest Designer Dress

Say what you want about Sarah Jessica Parker, she has style. I don’t think her clothing line – was it “Bitten”? – had much success and I’m pretty anxious to see how her latest project will turn out: the launch of the world’s cheapest designer dress at £4.50! And this is what it looks like: […]

Bye Bye Fishnets!

Technorati Tags: london,lawyers,dress code,fishnets,stockings,ban Personally I’m not very fond of fishnets but thats beside the point. London’s law firms apparently banned fishnet stocking because “they distract male colleagues”. I can’t see how they could possible distract them unless the guys were looking? And couldn’t that on the other hand be seen as sexual harassment? It’s […]

Italy Is Going Anti-Anorexia With New Campaign

Technorati Tags: italy,campaign,anti,anorexia,bulimia,fashion,runway,healthy,eating,awareness Italy is known to play a central part in the fashion industry and therefore it’s good to see them campaign against Anorexia. With previous anti-anorexia ad campaigns such as Isabel Caro, the country has shown it’s awareness. The Italian Ministries of Health and Sports are aiming the project at schools and the […]