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Only in Britain? Mother of 10 wants TWO houses next to each other

The Daily Mail reports: A mother who lives in a three-bedroomed house with ten children and her partner has called for officials to give her two adjoining homes to accommodate her large family.  Donna Harrison said she has been asking social landlord Incommunities to allocate her family a bigger house for five years.  In response, […]

Cigarettea? Um, No Thanks..

I’ve never been a smoker and certainly don’t think I’m missing out on much. I guess most of us know that smoking is bad but yet, it’s a personal choice. However, you wouldn’t really want to drink your cigarette would you? Even though these teabags are just shaped like cigarettes, there’s something utterly gross about […]

Elvis Tattooed On Your Teeth?

I’m not really sure why anyone would tattoo their teeth but well, people do all sorts of crazy stuff. I guess it’s another one of those things that are just odd and pointless. If you want a tattoo, get a proper one. The owner of Heward Dental Lab, based in Utah, US, is the pioneer […]

Gourmet Coffee? Animal Droppings Blend Sold For £50/Cup

Um, no thanks. I’m a coffee drinker but I don’t think I would pay £50 for a cup of coffee made out of animal droppings. I have read about certain types of coffee, the expensive type and how it’s actually made of animal dung… but um, I am not eager to try it. For now, […]