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Bacon soap – actually made from real bacon!

Getting greasy with bacon fat is not really my idea of pampering. Nonetheless, posted an interesting recipe to whip up your very own and very real bacon soap: Supplies• Bacon fat• 100% Lye (sodium hydroxide)• Purified water and ice• Liquid smoke (optional fragrance)• Red food coloring (optional coloring)• Stove• Pyrex baking pan• Chemical/solvent/heat resistant […]

Ghost Pigeons?

Boing Boing is one of my favourite blogs and I usually check it’s RSS feeds on a regular basis. One of the posts that caught my eye today was entitled “Ghost pigeon photos”. posted something rather strange but beautiful I have to agree. There is a lot of tragedy in these pictures: Recently, I’ve […]

Christmas Gifts

Christmas is almost here, sales are steadily speeding up and despite the credit crunch, most people seem more determined than ever to have a wonderful Christmas with plenty of gifts. Especially for children. One great place for children’s toys is Even though my wishlist doesn’t contain any kiddy toys, their site is more than […]