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Is A Heart More Than A Heart?

Technorati Tags: heart,transplants,personality change,operations,death I can’t help but wonder every time I read about transplants and how people suddenly adapt to the donors behaviour and character traits. It is astonishing and quite creepy at the same time. Could it be that elements of one’s character or perhaps even the soul, are transplanted with the organ? […]

Dead And Gone – What Would The World Look Like Without People?

What would our planet look like if we all just vanished overnight? How long would it take for buildings, bridges and toxic stuff to disappear and rot away? And what would remain. I’ve seen this on the Daily Mail today and they posted several images to demonstrate how Earth would look like, if it had […]

Dining Amongst The Dead

Technorati tags: india, ghost, spirits, dead, cemetery, restaurant, dining, corpse, religious, issue, graveyard, bizarre Everything about cemeteries screams death, dying and demise. Not exactly the perfect place to have dinner is it? But then again there’s all kinds of weird themed restaurants at the most bizarre of places imaginable: So is the “New Lucky Restaurant” […]

(I-)Mortality And What It Feels Like To Die, In Different Ways

Technorati Tags: death , dying , drowing , science , body , health , mortality , life Do you ever spend any moment worrying about aging and the shortness of life? A week it seems is sometimes over as quickly as it had begun in the first place. Weeks turn into months, years and decades. […]