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The Internet is an incredible place. There is virtually nothing you cannot do online. Find a job, not a problem, book a hotel, done! One of the things the Internet has done for me is saving lots of time. Instead of walking the isles in supermarkets, one can conveniently order from the comfort of your […]

Primark forced into out-of-court settlement

Primark is usually a cheap and convenient choice for many women. Another big plus are the designs, which are sometimes inspired by pretty damn expensive designer clothing. Now, Primark got in trouble just for doing that.. The budget fashion giant has just been forced to make another expensive out-of-court settlement over copying designs – this […]

Finding lawyers can be easy..

Nowadays, you never really know when you might need a lawyer. Even though you may be a law abiding citizen and never get into any trouble, there will most likely come a point in your personal or professional life when it is time to seek out the expertise of experienced Lawyers. As with anything else, […]

Don’t look away!

Like watching when you get an injection? Don’t look away as it turns out, looking at the injection as it plunges into your skin will actually lessen how painful it feels. A team from the University College London (UCL) and University of Milan-Bicocca applied a heat probe to the hands of 18 volunteers. They found […]