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Pesticide free food of the future?

People have long speculated about the future, all the things that will be different, from transport to food. Gene-manipulated food as already been introduced but what does the future really hold for us? Wonder no more, Japanese scientists are developing a new way of growing vegetables… Called plant factories, these anonymous looking warehouses have sprung […]

UK Fast Food Restaurant asked to provide carlorie info on menus

Fast food is not bad for you, it’s the type of food you eat that is. When talking about fast food, people usually think of McDonald’s, Burger King and the likes. The  British food watchdog is now stepping in and urging fast-food restaurants to add calorie information to their menus. High levels of salt, fat, […]

Ramsay: Buckingham Palace Food is sh*t

There you have it. I like Gordon Ramsay. Although I’m not always keen on the recipes, his tv shows are quite entertaining. Gordon Ramsay is known for his foul language and has now said the food at Buckingham palace tasted like shit. ‘You don’t actually get to know who’s cooking for the Queen – but […]

Organic Teas

I’m a big fan of organic produce and we have started to cut out heavily sprayed, pesticide infested food. One of the things I always buy organic, is coffee and tea. I love tea. I love all sorts of blends and formulas but I really enjoy Indian teas. There are some rather interesting and ultra […]