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Now this is a first

A man with an IQ of 48 has apparently been banned from having sex by a High Court judge. How did it come to that you may ask? The 41-year old man, known as Alan, was in a relationship with a man he lived with and said he wanted it to continue. According to his […]

Too Fat For Jail

Can a person be “too fat” for jail? Apparently they can! This article had me quite shocked: A woman is accused of killing her two-year-old nephew but prosecutors in Texas do not yet know how to get her to jail and court – because she weighs nearly half a ton. She claimed it was an […]

Legal Funding

Anyone who’s ever been involved in an accident would know how painful AND expensive it is. If you cannot work and your case has no end in site it could very well mean financial trouble, to say the least. Most people would say, well there’s not much you can do about that… but there actually […]

It’s Not All Armani and Gucci on eBay

Technorati Tags: ebay,fake,brands,counterfeit,items,auction I like the fact that you can buy almost anything on eBay, I guess that’s why I browse it almost every day just like millions of other people. It’s not only a great place to grab a bargain, but has also become a haven for fraudsters, criminals and counterfeiters. You’re pretty safe […]