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Chatting Away: Instantbird

Technorati Tags: instantbird , im , instant messenger , im service , firefox , thunderbird , tabbed chat , pidgin , im application Another IM application is out, if anyone cares… called Instantbird and it’s supposedly the Firefox of instant messengers. Of course I had to try it out immediately. The free, open source messenger […]

This Is GOOG-411

Technorati tags: goog-411, google, phone, 411, mobile, info, directory, tools, reference, free GOOG-411 is a free telephone directory assistance tool. To use the service you have to dial (1-800) GOOG-411 and have an automated operator asking you questions in order to narrow in on what you’re looking for. Once you found the business, Google connects […]

Tis What I’d Call… Anti-Social

Technorati tags: enemybook, facebook, enemies, facebook enemies, enemy, facebook enemy, frenemy, facebook app, social, humor, web2.0, funny, networking, fun, lists, community SecondLife, Facebook, MySpace, Twitter…it seems you can’t open your browser anymore without somehow loading a social networking site. Meeting new friends and interacting with people put aside, here’s several online spots that add the […]

Ebay Goes Social Networking

Technorati tags: ebay, ebay neighbourhood, shopping, ebay auctions, auction, auctions, shop, buy, sell, designer, business, digital Ebay’s new social network thing eBay neighbourhood lets you connect and meet people who are into the same products and topics as you. Basically it’s little communities built around specific topics and items. For instance, one of the most […]