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You Just Can’t Beat A Spider

This is quite funny: Artist Nina Katchadourian thought she’d try to repair broken spider webs with thread and it doesn’t really look all that bad if you ask me. It looks like spiders are harder to please than humans. Despite her great efforts, her work was always rejected by the spider. I guess we humans […]

Doherty The Artist

I would say art, as beauty, lies in the eye of the beholder. But there’s some things that are just weird and plain stupid looking, yet it’s being passed on as “art”. Pete Doherty and art… that’s like comparing Hasselhoff to Goethe. I’m not quite sure how he managed to have some of his “art […]

Printing Photographs

Taking pictures is an art in itself. I could think of hundreds of reasons why you should take as many pictures as possible. It may not be possible to stop time but you can capture a moment and look back on it everytime you feel like it. I’ve been always highly interested in photography and […]

Toasted Art

This is so cool hot! Burnt toast as art! I wouldn’t even attempt burn stuff onto my toast… and clearly, this takes some skill. Really digg this! It may be a waste of time but its incredibly amazing anyway… the man behind this is David Reinmondo.