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Super expensive Backgammon table

Backgammon has never been a game I was particularly interested in and for that matter, I wouldn’t buy this table: But I’m sure there are people out there who would part with a whopping €15,000 ($19,930)!! This luxury backgammon, designed by Backgammon enthusiast Emmanuel David, it measures 900 x 600 x 600 and features gold […]


When you’re shopping on the Internet, you certainly want to grab a bargain. Lots of products are incredibly overpriced these days and sites like eBay don’t really sell particular stuff for peanuts anymore. So you’d want to be looking at This is the place for low gun prices, appliances, stereos prices and a lot […]


There’s something strangely appealing about guns. Let aside the whole debate about whether or not guns should be available for purchase… I think you should be allowed to own airguns, pellet guns, air pistols and such. There surely is a big market out there. Anyway, anyone who is interested in purchasing or just trying to […]

Posh-Up Your Property

There’s lots of different ways to make home improvements. I particularly like decorative stuff. But not just any kind. Marble and stone figurines can be incredibly pretty, provided they are in the right places. Statues, a marble fireplace mantel, water fountains and the likes just add plenty of poshness to your interior or property. These […]