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European Politicians Side With File-Sharers

I’m sure almost anyone who browses the Internet on a regular basis, would have downloaded music or files via a file-sharing application. LimeWire, BitComet ect… they are still one of the most downloaded programs on, which doesn’t surprise me at all. File-sharing has been around a long time before most people even knew what […]

George Bush Does John Lennon: A Very Merry Christmas

No explanation needed, just watch the clip, a great and thought provoking video! Compelling!

2 Forks 1 Cup & Toothpick

Technorati tags: toothpick, trick, two, forks, one, cup, fun, magic This is safe for work: Amazing trick to impress people… like this try it but I don’t get how it works. – Watch more free videos

Very Funny Cats, Again

I just cannot resist them, yet another funny cats compilation. I’ve seen most of the pictures but some never fail to make me laugh. Seriously funny, loving it.