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The Whinehouse In Court

Im getting a bit tired of hearing about Amy Winehouse and her troubles with the law. According to the BBC News, she has to appear at a Norwegian court to appeal against a fine for possession of Cannabis. Hurray. She war arrested in October and released after paying a fine of 500 euros.

Greetings From Germany

Hope everyone had a fabulous Xmas and Happy New Year! I’m still stuck in Germany, not as cold as i thought but freezing anyway…

Russia’s Werewolf Boy

Apparently this case isn’t uncommon in Russia but still creeps me out: Russian police are on the hunt for “werewolf boy” a kid, who looks about 10 years old who was found by villagers in a remote forest in the Kaluga region of central Russia living with a pack of wolves! Unfortunately nothing like Mowgli, […]

The Best of The Best Of 2007

Technorati tags: best, of, 2007, lists Best of lists can be pretty cool, if not always accurate or complete, but I guess most people like them anyway. Especially now since the year’s almost over they pop up all over the Internet… best of this…best of that… what we really want is this: The Best ‘Best […]