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Cute Kitten Falling Asleep…Awww

Kittens are super cute and anyone whose heart doesn’t melt by watching this, doesn’t have one! A gorgeous little kitten falls asleep on the owner’s lap. This video clip makes me run to the next pet shop and get a little fluffy furball for myself! Awww…. so cute! Anyway, here’s the video, watch till the […]

Return Of The X-Factor

I guess there’s plenty of reasons not to tune in for the new series of the X-Factor which kicked off yesterday. Same old outline, similar characters, predictable comments and most of all, winners. Then there was the immense phoneline scandal which forced the creators – including Simon Cowell’s production company – to pay back £900000 […]

Sex And The City Premiere

Sex and the City has arrived in the UK. It’s THE movie I cannot wait to see… I may have mentioned this once or twice… Anyway, Sex and the City – the movie – has premiered in London and judging by the hundreds of people cheering, it looks to be a success. I hope the […]

Britain’s Film Stars Enjoyed Their Booze

Came across this article on the Daily Mail’s website today: “Born to raise hell: The reckless passion that drove four of Britain’s most extraordinary film stars on” Richard Burton, Oliver Reed, Richard Harris and Peter O’Toole to be precise. What I found quite interesting and shocking at the same time: Richard Harris apparently drank two […]