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Quality Video Production

Whether you want a tv commercial or cool video presentation, companies sometimes rely on quality video production. I could think of lots of different uses for quality video footage and how it could be useful. One of the most popular way of advertising is the through television commercials. I think if I was to decide […]

Smells Like Teen Arrogance…

I kind of gotten into watching “The Apprentice” and even though I think most shows aren’t completely free of scripting, it’s fairly entertaining to watch. I seriously wonder sometimes where they found these candidates. They sure do come up with some strange and stupid ideas. Anyway, the baby faced 24 year old bank manager has […]

Exploring Holiday Destinations

If you’re going for a holiday, it’s usually good to take your car. With the most popular destinations being a flight away, this isn’t always an option though. I like the idea of renting a car and exploring a great holiday destination. I really wouldn’t want to rely on the public transport in a different […]

Coffin Couches

The kind of furniture you’d find in the Adams family mansion. Even though this is pretty funny and odd, I would never seriously consider buying anything like this piece: sells these “sofas” made from recycled coffins. It couldn’t get any more morbid. Our niche happens to be 18 gauge steel coffins which we collected […]