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Gordon Brown: "I Can Save Economy…Again"

Can Gordon Brown save Britain’s economy? I’m not thinking much of Gordon Brown actually and I guess he won’t be the one to “steer the country through difficult economic times”. He blames international factors for the increasing cost of oil and food, not to mention the housing market problems. Lots of people seem to agree […]

Hillary Clinton Wasn’t Lying! So there!

Technorati Tags: hillary,clinton,hillary clinton,election,usa,bosnia,bosnia 1996,youtube,politics,funny Watching the news daily, I’ve heard about the whole Hillary-was-lying thing that’s been circulating. Course they would digg up every tiny titsy bit that make headlines during the election process. I don’t mind Hillary Clinton and actually, I would say she’s make a good president. Anyway, in case you have […]

4000 Dead Americans In A Mosaic

Technorati Tags: bush,mosaic,iraq,war,soldiers The Huffington Post published this piece of Mosaic consisting of the pictures of 4,000 dead soldiers.

Hillary (Clinton) In The House – Not The White House… Yet

Technorati Tags: barack obama,obama,hillary clinton,hillary,clinton,rodham,hillary 4 u and me,viral,video,youtube Volunteers from Texas putting on a little show in this about-to-go-viral video. Their intentions may be good but does a “fan” like this really help in times of election? Cannot help but thinking Obama is behind this! Sneaky.