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web hosting the simple way

One of the things that is still stopping many people from purchasing a professional web site, is the hosting. The general belief is that paid web hosting is expensive and pretty much a waste of money. However, the majority of people with personal or business sites, will have had some kind of experience with paid […]

Danish Police: A picture of happiness as they hug people on bicycles

Be sure to check out this video clip of Danish Police hugging bicyclist who aren’t wearing helmets and generously providing them for free. Never have seen such a thing! Although some of the guys in the video look a bit stunned and WTF, I think this is an awesome attitude displayed by the Danish police! […]

bathroom equipment

Nice bathrooms could transform the home and give it that extra luxury. Bathrooms aren’t just utility rooms consisting of shower and toilet, a bathroom can be so much more, a haven of peace and tranquility. Decorating a bathroom nicely can also be therapeutic. Everyone needs a place to relax and unwind and lots of people […]

Smiley face spider!

How funny! Meet the “smiley-faced” spider, for real and not photoshopped: A freak of nature, this amazing spider was found in Hawaii, measures just a few millimetres across and a bizarre marking which looks just look a smiley face. The spider itself is harmless to humans and scientists believe the pattern serves to confuse predators. […]