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“DIY Abortion” Man Put Abortion Pills In Pregnant Wife’s Food

Apparently he panicked when he found out his wife was pregnant… “Desperate and determined”. Gil Magira crushed abortion tablets into his wife Anat Abraham’s sandwich, a bowl of cereal and a yoghurt to make her lose the baby. Mrs Abraham suffered pain and bleeding but the child survived unharmed. Magira, 36, of Holmebrook Drive, Hendon, […]

Girl Vs. Boy, "Girl" Is Not An Option For Many Indian Women In The Uk

Let’s feast on ethnic issues: The latest news hails from within the UK this time. According to a study, Indian women in the UK are aborting unborn daughters in order to have more boys! The study was conducted by the Oxford University and suggests that around 1500 girls appear to be “missing” from the birth […]