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Cute Kitten Falling Asleep…Awww

Kittens are super cute and anyone whose heart doesn’t melt by watching this, doesn’t have one! A gorgeous little kitten falls asleep on the owner’s lap. This video clip makes me run to the next pet shop and get a little fluffy furball for myself! Awww…. so cute! Anyway, here’s the video, watch till the […]

Dramatic Kitty

I admit, I love cat videos. Especially when they are funny… this one certainly is. You just have to LOVE the dramatic expression of this pussycat!

Cell Phone In Microwave

The Will it blend YouTube clips are getting kinda old now I think… I still enjoy watching them though. They just fall into the whole what-happens-if category everyone wonders about but the sane ones amongst us would never ever attempt. So they’ve demonstrated what happens to guitar hero, the iphone and various other lovely gadgets […]

Anteater Eating From Spoon

YouTube’s filled with cute videos of cute pets doing cute things. I wouldn’t consider anteaters really cute but this one here certainly deserves the titel. I feel kinda sorry for the dog in the background though. He looks a bit like “hey, what about me?” Anyway, this little anteater eats from a spoon and I […]