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Selling Endowments

I’ve recently read an article about selling endowments and I actually thought it was quite interesting. Even more so since I’ve come across this site dedicated to selling endowment policies. is actually a great place for anyone who is interested in selling their endowment policy. So why should you sell it rather than surrender? […]

In The Search Of A Personal Loan

People seek personal loans for all kinds of different reasons. It can be used for virtually any reason; provided you get one. Most banks are pretty picky when it comes to loans. There’s the whole issues of credit checks and financing, thus sometimes making it hard to take out Personal Loans. But there’s hope for […]

Smells Like Teen Arrogance…

I kind of gotten into watching “The Apprentice” and even though I think most shows aren’t completely free of scripting, it’s fairly entertaining to watch. I seriously wonder sometimes where they found these candidates. They sure do come up with some strange and stupid ideas. Anyway, the baby faced 24 year old bank manager has […]

Britain’s Super Rich Are Getting Richer, What Else Is New?

I could think of a million things I would do and buy if I was “rich”. Most of all, according to Sunday Times Rich List, I wouldn’t need to worry about ever being poor. It seems like the rich are getting richer! The top 1,000 of the richest people in the UK are worth more […]