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Stephen Hawking advises NOT to try and contact Aliens

For a long time, a nagging question has left mankind wondering… are we alone? While many scientists seek out to make first contact with any potentially intelligent lifeforms, Stephen Hawking thinks we should not attempt to draw attention to us. Such scenes are speculative, but Hawking uses them to lead on to a serious point: […]

unlimited web hosting

Unlimited Web Hosting can be rather expensive. There are many different providers out there for individual and business use but it all comes down to the price for most people. Most web hosts are nowhere near perfect but there are a few that can actually offer excellent service for a great price. One of the […]

Argentine criminals avoid being captured by dressing up as sheep

What sounds like a bad scene from a movie, has now actually happened. Maximiliano Pereyra and Ariel Diaz, who were jailed for robbery offences, dressed up as the animals after escaping from a maximum security jail in Argentina more than a week ago. Pereyra, 25, and Diaz, 28, dressed in full sheepskin fleeces with realistic […]

Mystery of Near-Death Experiences Solved?

Some experience an out-of-body floating sensation, others an intense feeling of joy and peace. Now scientists believe they have explained what causes the near death experiences reported by thousands of people on the operating table. A study of heart attack victims has found a link between out of body experiences and high levels of carbon […]