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Only in Britain? Mother of 10 wants TWO houses next to each other

The Daily Mail reports: A mother who lives in a three-bedroomed house with ten children and her partner has called for officials to give her two adjoining homes to accommodate her large family.  Donna Harrison said she has been asking social landlord Incommunities to allocate her family a bigger house for five years.  In response, […]

The Living And Breathing Contraceptive

Technorati tags: autism, disorder, behavior, problem, children, clips, kids, brat If you plan on participating on the World Orgasm Day, make sure you’re safe. Alternatively watch this clip over at Jezebel about 10 year old autistic Luz, who is completely out of control. Throwing fits, screaming,crying, scratching himself and others, spitting on people, barking like […]

Abandoned, Battered, Murdered – Children Are "Evil Witches"

What’s a great way of making money for some Evangelical pastors in Nigeria’s poorest areas? Witch hunts! Subject of this campaign of hate and evil: innocent Nigerian children. With a percentage of church goers, pastors have easy play and commit outrageous crimes against humanity, all in the name of Christianity. Behind the smartly painted doors […]

To Hell With "Purity"

How many virgins does it take to change a lightbulb? Nobody cares, as long as they’re still virgins. Throughout the history of humankind, a virgin has always been hailed and praised for being “pure” and of high morals and everyone’s desire. From Wikipedia: The word virgin is the root form of the Latin noun virgo, […]