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Rap Online

Earlier on, I posted about Busta Rhymes conviction and he follows a serious of Rappers being involved in assaults and criminal activities. This hardcore cliché aside, rap music is still going strong and booming. I’m not particularly a fan of any rap artist but it’s undeniable that there’s some good (erykah badu) stuff out there, […]

Will She Stay In Rehab? I Say, No, No, No…

Technorati tags: winehouse, music, singer, british, uk, rehab center, teenager, guardian, observer, news, gossip She’s a drug-taking mess but still, critics and fans alike are fascinated by the troubled singer. Currently back in rehab, everyone wonders, will she stay and get her act together or be dead in a few months just like her incarcerated […]

The Year In Review…2007’s Top Viral Videos – I

Technorati tags: new year, 2007, videos, youtube, viral, funny, clips, dumb, stupid, humor I’m astonished at some of this year’s (YouTube) videos that have gone viral… just makes me wonder what on earth possesses people to watch that kind of stuff and pass it on? Perhaps one of the best arguments against human evolution is […]

X-Factor Rigged?

Today’s Daily Mail poll is all about UK “talent/singing” the “X-Factor” contest and the shocking win of Leon Jackson. X-Factor finalist and runner up Rhydian Roberts apparently feels betrayed and robbed… and it looks like the majority agrees: Apparently a lot of people couldn’t get through to vote due to blocked phone lines and Broadcasting […]