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Clothes Optional: No Groping Or Hot Drinks Allowed On Naked Flights

via Jezebel: A German airline is offering nudist flights. “There are a few basic rules. For example, no hot drinks will be served and there will be certain hygienic regulations. Passengers won’t be sitting directly on the seats but on specially sized cloths laid on them. And the crew will have to remain clothed, too,” […]

Christopher Conte: Biomechanical Sculptures

Hello Terminator! Machined from stainless steel parts and brass found objects, this fully articulated arm was based on the anatomical version of the human skeletal system. This radio-controlled helicopter is gas-powered, and has been modified to carry and remotely fire model rockets. Which is pretty cool. The love child of a Borg and a Punk? […]

Will She Stay In Rehab? I Say, No, No, No…

Technorati tags: winehouse, music, singer, british, uk, rehab center, teenager, guardian, observer, news, gossip She’s a drug-taking mess but still, critics and fans alike are fascinated by the troubled singer. Currently back in rehab, everyone wonders, will she stay and get her act together or be dead in a few months just like her incarcerated […]

Porsche Boxster

Cool…. Pretty…