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Breast Milk Soap

Technorati Tags: soap,breasts,breast milk,milk soap I’m not sure what to think of this. Just like most people I’ve heard and read about the goodness that lies in breast milk, how babies develop a lot better when breastfeeding ect ect… Breast Milk Soap? What’s even scarier than that, is someone offering homemade Breast Milk Soap. Um, […]

Headscarf Farce Continues…

Technorati Tags: muslim,headscarf,farce,britain,news Remember the Muslim girl who got turned down for a job as a hairdresser then decided to sue the salon owner? The original £15000 Bushra Noah, 19, was originally suing for, has doubled. She demands £34,000 from Sarah Desrosiers, 32, now (including court fees) accusing her of religious discrimination. The hearing started […]

Beautiful Investments

Ah to live in the Hamptons… make it happen! I’d just love to own a summer house in the Hamptons or North Fork. I think these would also be really good places to invest in property. Sometime I browse for homes and houses and come across interesting and pretty amazing sites. Like this one I […]

The Material Bulk: Madonna Looks Scarier Than Ever!

Technorati Tags: madonna,biceps,training,madonna workout Sure, there is nothing wrong with exercising and building up muscles right? When I look at some recent pictures of Madonna though, I ask myself whether she has become a tiny bit obsessed with over-clocking her biceps… The Daily Mail has published these pictures and I must say, she looks like […]