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Liberia’s War Zone, The Ultimate "Boot Camp"?

Boot camps or brat camps have become increasingly popular with today’s parents who don’t know how to handle their out-of-control teenagers anymore. Gangs, drugs, crime. Some are seemingly destined to a life of crime and drugs, particularly in bad areas and ghettos. While we tend to always think that everybody’s responsible for their own actions, […]

This Is Lagos…

Lagos, the “New York of Africa”? Interesting and shocking documentary about Nigeria’s capital city

Living, Dead – 10000 Filipino Families Living In A Cemetery

Quite hard to imagine but 10,000 families live in this graveyard in Manila in the Philippines:   Vice Magazine posted this fascinating article about these people who literally live next to the dead. Some families ended up here almost accidentally. Some inherited the mausoleums that they now live in from their great-grandparents. Others came from […]