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Federal Building Kicks Out Woman Who Wore “Offensive” T-Shirt

I don’t personally have a strong opinion on t-shirts with slogans or messages of any kind. I think there’s plenty of aweful ones out there and also lots of witty ones. Sometimes though, these very t-shirts can get you into trouble: Lapriss Gilbert was forced to leave a Social Security office because she was wearing […]

Dying To Blog…In Iran

It’s incredibly depressing to see that some countries still detest time and freedom. The Iranian parlament has voted to discuss a draft bill that seeks to “toughen punishment for disturbing mental security in society.”  Which would be “establishing websites and weblogs promoting corruption, prostitution and apostasy,” punishable by death. Personally I think this is another […]

Abandoned, Battered, Murdered – Children Are "Evil Witches"

What’s a great way of making money for some Evangelical pastors in Nigeria’s poorest areas? Witch hunts! Subject of this campaign of hate and evil: innocent Nigerian children. With a percentage of church goers, pastors have easy play and commit outrageous crimes against humanity, all in the name of Christianity. Behind the smartly painted doors […]

Crime Against Womanity: Hardly Ever Do We See Such "Educated" Stupidity

Have you heard of Dr. Michael J. Bisconti? He currently holds 8 doctorates and now gives us 12 fantastic reasons as to why a woman should/could/would never become president of the United States. Are you ready for this? He’s got some really convincing and persuasive arguments oh and his logical approach to this subject is […]