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Amazon set to sell groceries in UK

Amazon has certainly established itself as a reputable online merchant. Over the years, the company added various product lines and expanded immensely. According to the DailyMail, Amazon is set to launch a new online grocery service. Industry experts predict this to be a major threat to Tesco, Asda and the likes. Amazon already has a […]

Fun online games at MegaBrands

One of the best ways to pass the time is to play games on the Internet. The web provides countless of websites packed with fun and entertaining games. A particular good one kids will love is The MEGA Brands Kids Zone offers a big variety of entertaining and fun games aimed at the youngsters. […]

UK Fast Food Restaurant asked to provide carlorie info on menus

Fast food is not bad for you, it’s the type of food you eat that is. When talking about fast food, people usually think of McDonald’s, Burger King and the likes. The  British food watchdog is now stepping in and urging fast-food restaurants to add calorie information to their menus. High levels of salt, fat, […]

Hosting Comparison

Times are tough and money is tight. As the credit crunch is taking it’s toll, many businesses are forced to shut down for good. Those who are lucky enough to have survived so far, will certainly have to step up their game to stay open. Especially online businesses. If you’re making an income on a […]