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Google’s Chrome

Got the new Google browser yet? Chrome has been available for download since yesterday and I had to try it right away. The first thing that springs to mind with this browser is the simplicity. It feels more like a Firefox addon than an actual browser. Google has clearly set it’s emphasis on clean and […]

Google Goes Social

“Social is in the air,” says Google’s director of engineering David Glazer. I’ve always thought that Google was pretty social when it comes to web applications. Well, a lot more than Microsoft anyway. Google apparently introduced new tools to help people stay in touch and interact with each other. Friend Connect is the name. It […]

Google In Black

Technorati Tags: google,blackle,search engine In honor of Earth Hour, Google has gone black and I think it looks rather good! So Google has changed it’s background to black but search results still come up in white.

GMail Re-Created – The Artsy Way

Russian GMail Art