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DIY Invisible Shelves

There’s a lot of amazing and cheap tricks to add character to your home. I basically love everything that you can do/build yourself. I’ve already found plenty of awesome tutorials and guides to easy DIY projects. One of them is the invisible shelves. It looks incredible cause your books will appear to be floating. The […]

Article Submission Sites Are A Great Resource

I love free articles. Free article submission sites are the best source of info and how-to’s on the Internet! I’ve got several bookmarked and usually find myself browsing them whenever I need info on some particular topic. Fantastic for reference purposes. I would also encourage anyone who has an extensive amount of knowledge on a […]

Thoughts On Spring Cleaning

It’s that time of the year again… Actually I quite like the idea of spring cleaning, chucking out stuff I really don’t need or use and decluttering. As a longtime procrastinator, I hope to kick the bad habit this year and start off with a very green and thorough spring clean. I suppose the best […]

iPod Earrings, Bling Bling!

Geeky jewelry isn’t anything new…diy jewelry isn’t anything new either…and there’s a wonderful way to recycle your broken iPod! Turn them into earrings! Love this one, Romanian blogger Felipov designed and made these geeky “bling”, decorate your ears! via Neatorama