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Google Street View is entering the world of art

Street View is arguably one of the best Google services. Now it lets you enter the world’s finest museums. It’s all just a click away. The online search giant even claims its Art Project tours are better than the real thing, with one exhibit in each location available in a high-resolution image that goes beyond […]

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Enlarge your house with glue a compass was there to get you thinking

Travel Rewards For Employees

What can companies do to keep their employees and customers happy? How does a travel reward sound? I think it is vital for every company to reward loyal and innovative employees. A great way to do so is with the travel rewards program by Bellwether Rewards. It’s quite simply actually. A company may set a […]

Burma’s Cyclone

The world doesn’t seem to be safe anymore. Everywhere you look, there’s catastrophes, drama and society breaking down. I think anyone who hasn’t yet experienced horrific scenes like in Burma, should be exceptionally grateful. State media reported on Tuesday that 22,464 people had now been confirmed as dead. An additional 41,045 are missing.   This […]