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Being A Gran At Thirty-Something

Is it just me, or does this sound rather strange and un-natural? We used to associate age with the term “grandmother” but that doesn’t seem the case any more. With teen pregnancies on the rise, we tend to see a lot more thirty-something grannys. It wasn’t the life Tara Bailee had in mind. Pregnant at […]

Overcoming Laziness

I don’t like feeling lazy but just like everyone else, I can’t help it sometimes. There’s days when I don’t feel like doing anything. I consider those days a waste. I hate em’. In order to over laziness you’ve got to have at least a little self-discipline. A few things I think help really well […]

Rainy Days Aren’t A Waste

Rainy days are great. I guess I’d prefer rain over the sun anytime on any day. Living in Britain, we get more than just the occasional shower, which is fantastic! I’m in love with the British weather and these wonderful pictures of a typical rainy day…

A Waste Of Time And Bandwith – Current Headlines

I’ve had it. I like reading news feeds and going all ooh and ahh at funny, bizarre or shocking news. Lately though, I’ve become increasingly annoyed by the same people making the same headlines and really, they shouldn’t be mentioned anywhere, except maybe dedicated fan sites. So here we go, here’s some I’m sick of […]