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One clever Fox shoots hunter

Fox-hunting is a rather cruel sports. Like many others, I am totally against it. Despite many claiming it will help keep the number of these animals in check and all that traditional crap, foxes do not deserve to be hunted and killed. End of. Leave them alone. Anyway, one clever little fox had a lucky […]

Hex, The Six-Legged Kitten Died

I’ve only just come across “Hex”, the kitten born in Florida about two months ago. What made her so special was the two extra legs hanging from her stomach (part of a Siamese twin that never fully developed). I have to admit though, the extra legs look a bit bizarre. But she’s an incredibly cute […]

In The Name Of Love Or Fashion: Two Animal Lovers Now Wear Their Pets

Technorati Tags: dogs,fur,knitting,clothing,dog hair,sweaters A pet becomes more than something you just feed and stroke everyday, it grows to be part of the family. I’m a sucker for pussies, but I like dogs as well. However, wearing any of my DECEASED pets never really crossed my mind! Turning one’s pet into a jumper; the ultimate […]

Goat + Sheep = Geep

Every once in a while nature takes its own course and amazes us with quite strange and surprising things… meet Lisa, the "geep". From the Daily Mail: She was born after an unscheduled amorous encounter on the farm of Klaus Exsternbrink, in Schwerte, in northern Germany’s Ruhr Valley. One of his young billy goats leapt […]