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Cats And The City

Working Class Cats in NY: This site documents the lives of gainfully employed felines in NYC. Amid the goods found in the stores, there is one thing that many owners and employees say they cannot do without: their cats. And it goes beyond cuddly companionship. These cats are workers, tireless and enthusiastic hunters of unwanted […]

Chuck Norris Sues Penguin

Chuck Norris is suing Publisher Penguin over a book called “The Truth About Chuck Norris: 400 facts about the World’s Greatest Human”. Norris claims the book unfairly exploits his famous name, based on a satirical Internet list of “mythical facts” about him. The book capitalizes on “mythical facts” that have been circulating on the Internet […]

Top Google Searches In 2007

Google has revealed it’s top searches for 2007 in city-by-city map showing the most googled words across the UK. People in Gateshead searched most often for “Gordon Brown”, while those in Oxford Googled “David Cameron”. The inhabitants of Swindon are either suffering from a crimewave or are closet Sting fans – the most searched-for term […]

Remote Controlled Crawling Hand

Well this is actually more of a Halloween gadget but cool nonetheless: the remote controlled robotic crawling hand. A larger than lifesize 23cm robotic hand which appears to have a life of its own, just like ‘Thing’ from the Addams Family. The supple rubber ‘skin’ gives it a life-like quality as it walks forward. The […]