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Merck & Co. testing AIDS vaccine on Dominican prostitutes

Leaving her tin-roofed brothel for the day, the 42-year-old prostitute journeys to the capital for an injection that might save not only her life, but possibly millions more around the world. Jacinta Julia Adams Fernandez, a mother of three, is one of 175 Dominican prostitutes lending their bodies to a trial of what New Jersey-based […]

Real Men also enjoy ”Chick Flicks”

Men might protest when they’re dragged along to the latest “chick flick” but really they enjoy romantic movies almost as much as women, according to a new U.S. study.In a survey, psychology professor Richard Harris from Kansas State University asked 250 men and women to watch a romantic movie together then rate their enjoyment level […]

Stick George W. Bush up your Butt!

There’s a new line of adult novelties that are rather more “novelty” than “adult”,you can now choose from a assortment of toys at, which offers “Parass Hilton” and “Smell Gibson (The Bravefart Version)” models as well as a “George Dubya Tush” version that looks amazingly a lot like its namesake and more intriguingly: the […]