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Binge Drinking Damages Memory

Everybody keeps going on about how binge drinking is bad, yet they don’t seem to offer up any solutions. I find it shocking how many teenagers turn to booze nowadays. It’s hardly surprising that it effects not only their overall health in the long run but also their brain; their memory. There was an interesting […]

Self-Knitting Lampshade

Technorati Tags: growing,furniture,lampshade,knitting,trends,style I guess this could be classed as “growing furniture”. This lampshade knits itself, completing three rotations every hour. Once again, I think the idea is original but it’s not something I would put on my wishlist… the Sleeping Beauty Lamp  

Filthy Amsterdam

Technorati Tags: news,amsterdam,public sex,netherlands Good news for voyeurs and couples who like the outdoor fun: Amsterdam plans to legalize public sex in parks. While dogs without leashes can be fined, sexual intercourse will shortly permitted. “Why should we try to maintain something that is actually impossible to maintain, which also causes little bother for others […]

Boob Jab Instead Of Boob Job

Technorati Tags: boob jab,boob job,cosmetic,surgery,plastic surgery,breast augumentation,jab Whenever I read about cosmetic procedures I usually tend to think that most is just plain torture you’re putting yourself through. While I’m not totally against plastic surgery, some of the treatments women are having these days just makes you wonder if they had their brain altered too. […]