Court’s order – British cops spend 3 days flushing down booze in the toilet

The Staffordshire Police spent three days in pouring 2500 cans of lager, hundreds of bottles of champagne and spirits down the toilet.The booze, worth 7000 pounds, was seized from a shopkeeper who was selling it without a licence. “The alcohol in huge quantity gave the police officers a real headache when the judge told them to dump it,” reported The Mirror.  Their local water firm said that it could not be poured into the drains, but would have to go into the waste system.

So Staffordshire police had to assign special constables and civilian staff to work in shifts, laboriously opening each can and bottle and tipping the contents in a loo at their station in Hanley.

“We were told we couldn’t pour it down the storm drains and we didn’t want to take it to a land-fill, so we poured it in the toilet. We sent off cans to the recycling centre, so we did our bit for the environment. We haven’t lost a great amount of officer time over it. They took it in turns,” the paper quoted Sergeant Kevin Treacy as saying.

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