YouTubers to get paid for content?

According to YouTube Co-Founder Chad Hurley, the phenomenally successful video broadcasting site is planning to give their users a cut.

“We are getting an audience large enough where we have an opportunity to support creativity” Hurley said on Saturday but gave no details of how much would be paid.

(Reuters) – YouTube co-founder Chad Hurley said the leading online video service is mulling a plan to share advertising revenue with users who contribute to the site, according to a user clip and media reports from Davos, Switzerland.

“In terms of paying users revenue against the content that they are uploading, we definitely are going to be moving in that direction,” Hurley said in video recorded in Davos, by a YouTube user and posted on the site.

“We feel we are at a scale now that we will be able to do that and still have a true community around video.”

Hurley, who spoke during a session at the World Economic Forum gave no details on how much YouTube, the leading online video sharing site that was bought by Internet search leader Google Inc. last year, might pay users.

The annual meeting of the World Economic Forum takes place January 24-28 in the Alpine ski resort of Davos and is attended by top politicians, monetary policymakers and senior business executives.

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