Child Abuser & Torturer Kimberly Harte pregnant

Kimberly Harte will NOT be allowed to keep her baby, Social services will rule out allowing her to live with the child in a special prison mother and baby unit because her crimes are so wicked.

They will take the infant away at birth and 23-year-old Harte may never see it again. She got pregnant with another man when partner Samuel Duncan — also jailed for cruelty to their daughter — was being held in custody.

A source at Holloway Prison, where Harte is in a single cell for safety, said: “Kimberly Harte’s crimes are so appalling it’s certain social services will move in and take away the baby.”

Evil Harte was jailed for 11½ years on Thursday for torturing her four-year-old daughter, who has cerebral palsy. Duncan, 27, was caged for 10½ years. Both were convicted of grievous bodily harm at Middlesex Crown Court.

When Harte started seeing another man after Duncan was arrested, she told him Duncan had abused their child.

A former friend said: “As soon as Duncan went inside, she hooked up with this other guy she knew.

“She told him that it was all Duncan’s fault, and the poor bloke swallowed her story.
“All the time she was still visiting Duncan in prison — and then she was nicked herself.

“She didn’t take the case seriously at all — she reckoned that if she was found guilty she’d be let off with community service.

“Duncan doesn’t even know she’s pregnant, so he’s in for a double shock when he finds out it’s not his.”

Only Harte and her new man knew she was expecting until an official at Holloway noticed her small stomach bump.

The prison source said: “The official asked her if she was pregnant and she just nodded.

“It was as though it hadn’t dawned on her that she might have mentioned her condition.

“In one way it’s such a relief that this unborn baby won’t suffer the horrors her poor sister was forced to endure.”

When Harte’s baby is due she will be taken to an outside NHS hospital under escort. She will be returned, again under escort, when she is well. But as soon as she gives birth the tot will be taken away and made a ward of court. It could be fostered or adopted.

The prison source said Holloway has a mother and baby unit, but it is not the prison service which decides if pregnant lags can keep their babies.

They added: “In this case the crimes of Kimberly Harte are so appalling it is certain that social services will move in and take away the baby.

“It would then be up to social services to decide whether the baby will be fostered or adopted.

The source said it was also likely Harte will soon be moved away from Holloway because her crimes have stirred up so much hatred.

They said: “She is being kept in a cell by herself because her safety cannot be guaranteed. The other women are disgusted with her. It is unlikely she will ever feel safe in any jail.” The former friend added: “Harte’s sick and simply not fit to be a mother.

“Even when her four-year-old girl was taken from her by social services, she never seemed bothered in the slightest.

“All she would bang on about was how skint she was, usually before going home to drink herself stupid on Special Brew.

“She’s the lowest of the low — complete scum.

“All of her former friends are totally disgusted with her behaviour.”

A spokesman for the prison service said: “We do not discuss individual cases.”

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