African hardwood Mp3 Player – €3000 – €5000

If we were to take our ruler and draw a scale of MP3 exclusivity, with the ubiquitous iPod at one end and the Bang & Olufsen BeoSound 2 perched haughtily at the other, the Gresso Symphonia would have to be placed somewhere halfway to China.

It’s made from 200-year-old African hardwood, which was just sitting around happily growing until the luxury phone maker decided to turn its attention to portable music. As you might expect, it’s a touch more expensive than your average off-the-shelf tune spinner.

Small enough to wear as jewellery, the base model starts at a cool 3000 Euros. But if you’ve had a particularly good night in Monte Carlo why not stretch to the 18-carat white and pink gold version for just 5000 of your Euro notes?

For that you get no screen and 1GB of memory – oh but it does throw in an FM tuner. Think we’ll still stick with our Shuffle, if it’s all the same.

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