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Google expanding into mobile space with Zingku

“Supercharged mobile txt & picture messaging for you and your friends” Google has bought another social network. a mobile social network: Zingku. Zingku is a mobile social network. Simply put, the service gives users the ability to send and receive text and picture messages between friends. It is a way for trusted friends to send […]

Monitor your body functions 24/7

One of Hitachi’s latest inventions: The biometric watch. It’s based on the 2005 prototype pulse-monitoring sensor but much lighter, weighing just 40g, and designed to be worn as a wristwatch. The watch is equipped with accelerometer and temperature sensor, it monitors the wearer’s activities 24 hours a day and sends the information wirelessly to a […]

Herzschläge anstatt Drums

Lust auf etwas Abwechslung auf dem Mp3-Player? Das neue Album der Lieblingsband bereits zu Tode gespielt? Wie wär’s denn mit den eigenen Herztönen? MP3-Player eignen sich laut Mediziner Neil Skjodt hervorragend um Herztöne und Lungengeräusche aufzuzeichnen. Dazu müsse man den MP3-Player mit dem Mikrofon nach unten auf den Brustkorb des Patienten legen. “Qualität und Reinheit […]

Coping without a Dishwasher – a survival guide

Almost everyone owns a dishwasher nowadays but if you are one of the unfortunate ones who don’t, you have to make the best out of the kitchen sink. Dish washing is made a lot easier by following the right order with the right tools. For easy foolproof dish washing by hand: Essential tools: rubber gloves […]