• Don’t mess with the Scientology. Seriously. David Schmidt, the guy who extort more than 1 Million Dollars from actor Tom Cruise, was found dead in his Phoenix home.

A scandalmonger accused of trying to extort more than $1 million from actor Tom Cruise was found dead in an apparent suicide Friday, two weeks after he told a Daily News reporter he wanted to kill himself.

Cops found the body of David Schmidt, 47, dubbed the “Sultan of Sleaze” for peddling celebrity dirt, in his Phoenix home. Authorities did not say how he died.

He had been under house arrest and planned to plead guilty to demanding that Cruise pay up to $1.3 million for pictures of his wedding to Katie Holmes.

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  • Kanye West has his very own blog. “Major” posts and self-marketing guaranteed. Oh and one can tell that he likes YouTube.

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