The Perfect Breasts?

A major issue.

"The secret of the perfect breast augmentation surgery will be presented at a conference taking place at London’s Royal College of Surgeons this week. Plastic surgeon Patrick Mallucci has come up with a formula for perfection based on research into topless models who have not gone under the knife. He has come up with a list of attributes and a specific ratio to use as a template.

Mr Mallucci said that an attractive breast has a balanced proportion between the upper and lower halves, with the nipple sitting about 45 per cent down from the top, pointing slightly upward. “It’s about wanting to create something as close to perfection as possible,” he said. Breast augmentation is the UK’s most popular cosmetic surgery procedure.”

How creepy, like a tale out of the Stepfords Wives.
My skin crawls at the thought of deluded women lining up to purchase that “set of perfection”, factory style.

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