Dressed Up To Scare!


I can’t believe it’s October already. Last month I was still making excuses for me putting on weight, blaming all that nasty but tasty Christmas food. Now the year has almost, yet again, come to an end.

It’s October! Finally! Pumpkins lurking everywhere, brown decaying leaves paving the sidewalks,the shopping shelves plastered with witchy artifficial toys…Probably one of the best times of the year. Not to forget the gorgeous food that’s being dished up everywhere. But more to the yummy side of October shortly.

Now, if you are looking for smashing and original Halloween Costume Inspiration you may like the Bat Costume

This is a gem, and makes use of any old umbrella. Perfect for Halloween and so simple. Just follow the Instructions.

Over at Instructables.com you find intructions to build your very own Ghostbusters Costume.

The powercell is made from 1/8″ thick board and is held in place with screws, making it easy to remove for battery access. I used another plastic folder (blue) to make the powecell lense. I made the gun hook from a piece of 1/8″ thick aluminum sheet but a lot of people use a Dixie cup dispenser hook. I machined my own knobs and Ion knob but many people use stacked washers for the Ion knob. The N-filter was made from a can.

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