Build Your Own Business With Vendstar


Do you love the idea of financial freedom and being your own boss? Want to join the big circle of the rich living the American dream?

Then maybe vendstar is the right option for you.

Ever since 1990, Vendstar has successfully established itself as one of the leading
bulk candy vending machine manufacturers in the United States and you can be part of the empire.

9000 members joined the Vendstar family in early 2003, as the company gained worldwide presence and the number continues to grow.

Whether you are an entrepreneur or an individual with the wish of owning a business, Vendstar can help you achieve your goals. You simply can’t look past the benefits:

Vendstar, also the exclusive manufacturer of the Vendstar 3000,
gives you the unique opportunity to work from your own home and set your own hours with a possibility of up to an 80% profit margin with this bulk vending machine business.

There’s also constant product improvements happening, such as the recent enhancement of the Vendstar 3000 machine, which allows vendors to benefit from a larger market.

One of the new product offerings, the Vendstar EZ-Count® Meter, is designed to digitally update the total amount of quarters accepted and allowing the vendor to derive exact collection amounts from each machine. Another new release is a 1” wheel for the dispensation of one inch gumballs and toy capsules.

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